New Members

New member: ABREU Advogados

As the world changes and new challenges unexpectedly arise, people’s mindsets and the way business is conducted call for innovative, fast-adapting lawyers. Abreu Advogados is a law firm prepared to provide legal advice in a changing society.

With offices in Lisbon, Porto and Madeira (in partnership), Abreu Advogados is among the largest law firms in Portugal and its team is composed of more than 300 professionals, committed to adopting a client-oriented approach in the solutions they offer .

Tax law is the firm’s DNA. Abreu Advogados’ tax team is one of the largest, most highly-skilled and most senior tax teams in Portugal. It has a track record in transactional tax, international taxation, indirect taxation, complex litigation, transfer pricing and private wealth taxation. Abreu Advogados’ tax team has a long-standing client database, addressing the most diverse areas, while always investing in new areas of tax law. With this in mind it is now increasingly involved in climate change taxes, renewable energy taxation, digital assets and blockchain technology taxation and recently the new EU taxes for 2023-2027.

Abreu Advogados was the first law firm in Portugal to certify its quality management system according to the European standard ISO 9001 and continuously invests in multidisciplinary teams. It’s this ability to open discussions involving different legal practices and skillsets that allows Abreu Advogados to deliver a complete, efficient and comprehensive legal solution to each one of its Clients.

International Work

Abreu Advogados’ international experience is a reflection of the international profile of its Clients. Not only have our teams been chosen to partner with some of the most prestigious law firms in the world in cross border projects, but we have also invested heavily in our own international presence in Portuguese speaking countries, working closely with renowned local partners in Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, China, Mozambique and East Timor.

Abreu Advogados is committed to setting the future in progress.