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Lisbon Green Valley distinguished in Real Estate Premiums 2020

The Lisbon Green Valley Townhouses, the new phase of the Belas Clube de Campo, were distinguished in the Energy Efficiency category at the Real Estate, Expresso and SIC Notícias Awards.

Lisbon Green Valley was a finalist in 3 categories, namely Best Development – Housing and Sustainability, Sustainable Construction and Architecture and Energy Efficiency.

The Townhouses of this development are the first houses in Portugal to obtain the Nearly Zero Energy Buildings pre-certification, fulfilling and exceeding the European directives on the energy performance of buildings. The set of solutions used in the construction and use of renewable energy allowed to obtain a maximum overall result in the A+- energy pre-certification.

In a statement, the Lisbon Green Valley explains that “criteria such as the quality of construction, solar orientation, layout of each area of the dwelling, design of spaces, sizing of spans, finishes, choice of materials, among others, allowed to optimize the living conditions, reducing energy costs and enhancing the value of the property. These are highly energy efficient houses with a global A++ evaluation”.

Gilberto Jordan, CEO of the André Jordan Group, comments that “this award, which we are very proud of, is the confirmation that innovation, sustainability and comfort are part of the quality of life that we are committed to offering to families living in Belas Clube de Campo. We have always believed in this concept and in the market’s receptivity to it. It is a product of excellence, not only in architectural terms, but also in engineering, landscaping and sustainability. This distinction reinforces the long journey that André Jordan Group has been making towards making its developments the most sustainable in the world”.

It should be remembered that recently the Lisbon Green Valley was the first development to be certified by the Climate Change Resilience Standard and others, by the LiderA System, obtaining a high degree of resilience (Class A).


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