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New CEO Nestlé

Paolo Fagnoni, 53 years old, is the new Nestlé Portugal General Director

“It takes courage to upgrade skills“
Just landed in Portugal a few weeks ago Jordi Llach’s replacement as CEO of Nestlé Portugal, with the mission “to further build 95 years of Nestlé’s presence in Portugal legacy”, guiding the company through its brand purpose: “Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future”. The Italian-born Paolo Fagnoni has a 27 year-old career at Nestlé Group leadership positions in countries such as Italy, Germany and Austria, and regional manager positions at Zone EMENA (Europe, Middle East and North Africa). Now in Portugal, he wants to add value to Nestlé brand.
Since 2012, as Vice President, he hold a regional management position in Nestlé for EMENA region (Europe, Middle East and North Africa). And that was not his first international experience. The Italian manager had already leaded Purina Business (petfood) in Germany and in Austria. Portugal comes as a natural evolution in his career. As a leader he considers “necessary to have mental agility to reinvent ourselves continuously and energy and courage to update skills”. Paolo is always driven by creating value in everything he does: “Value for Consumers, for the Company, for the People and for Society”.
2017 was very positive for Nestlé in Portugal, recognizes Paolo Fagnoni, who refuses to share local results, as results are not yet official. However, he shares that Nestlé looks into 2018 in a very positive way, with a focus in innovation through its brands and in growth in the several categories where it competes, as well as in the expansion of all business channels: retail and HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and coffee shops).
Paolo Fagnoni will have under his responsibility a portfolio with more than 90 brands, many of them produced in the three factories that Nestlé operates in Portugal (Porto, Avanca and Lagoa, Azores), a team of 1900 workers, across factories, head office (in Oeiras), Avanca Distribution Center and several commercial delegations in mainland and in Madeira and Azores. A task that the new Nestlé Portugal’s CEO assumes as “a privilege and a great responsibility to honour Nestlé’s legacy and to work to fulfil Nestlé’s Group expectations about the Portuguese market”.

Graduated in Business Management by the Bocconi University Business School (Italy)
“To understand the path we must track to add even more value to Portuguese market”
“Always create value in everything I do, for Consumers, for the Company, for the People and for Society”
Started in Nestlé in 1990, in Marketing and Sales area, in the Italian market. Since then, he consolidated his path in the Company, not only in Italy, but also in Germany and in Austria or managing business areas at European level. Paolo already have positions as marketing director in pet food business, sales director in grocery business, Nestlé Purina Director and Vice-President Regional Manager at Nestlé’s Zone Europe, Middle East and North Africa.
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