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New member: Prática Motivação, Lda

Motivation? Practice?
Is the motivation put into practice?

This word, so much employed, and this attitude so little practised…
Much is spoken, much is sold, much is declared as a motivation. Actually, in practice, the motivation only exists in the presence of a number of circumstances leading an individual, a team, or an organization, to get hold of such a precious thing!
Many are the reasons getting to motivation. However, none of these is stronger than the daily practice of the determined will to learn always, in our inconstant world.

Prática Motivação gives life to a word that, even being so common, is not obvious.
For training and personal development, Prática Motivação corroborates its name, enabling its clients to practise the motivation they actually have and they let to sleep!

Prática Motivação also offers webdesign and webdevelopment services. Local tourism services will also be offered shortly.

Motivate yourself… in practice!

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