New member: YSIUM, Lda

Ysium is a Portuguese Precision CNC Machining company that has in-house polishing, anodization, painting and assembling.

It´s Culture, Know-How, Passion, Total Quality and above all its People, which are the pillars that allowed Ysium to become, in few months, a Partner of reference to several companies, specially to Leica Camera, entering into the small group of Companies that present the necessary competencies to satisfy the high quality standards of this German brand.

Since the beginning that Ysium never stopped investing in the quality of the equipment, allowing it to work for different sectors such as aeronautic, watchmaking, between others, and with different materials like aluminum, bronze, stainless steel or titanium.

Rua Joaquim de Sá Leonardo, Nº 1286
4760-042 Vila Nova Famalicão
Tlf: 252 316 796 | Tlm: 961 349 606 | Fax: 252 316 799 |

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