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The President of CCISP presents the new administration

On October the 4th, 2016, the new President of CCISP, António Bico, CEO of Zurich Group Portugal, presented the new directors at a reception at the Embassy of Switzerland.

From left to right:
Eng° Bruno Lehmann – Vice President of CCISP
S.E. Lorenzo Schnyder von Wartensee – Swiss Ambassador
Dr. Antonio Bico – President of CCISP, CEO of Zurich Portugal
Dr. Jean-Philippe Sauthier – Treasurer of CCISP, CEO of Lusohelvetica
Dr. Manuel Barrocas – Director of CCISP, Founder of Barrocas Advogados
Dr. Carlos Vasconcelos – Director of CCISP, CEO of MSC Portugal
Dr. Gregor Zemp – General Secretary of CCISP
Dra. Annemarie Feller – Administration CCISP

Directors absent at this event (missing on the photo):
Jordi Llach – CEO of Nestlé Portugal
Miguel Peres – CEO of Komaxgroup Portugal
Antonio Raab- CEO of Hilti Portugal

We thank His Excellency. the Ambassador of Switzerland, Dr. Lorenzo Schnyder von Wartensee, and his wife for their hospitality and kindness in receiving members of CCISP at their residence with an excellent cocktail and a Honor Portwine.