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Bradco – from Castelo de Paiva to the world adorning the most exclusive watches

BRADCOThis leather goods company makes bracelets for Swiss luxury watches, but also ventures into bags and wallets of big couture houses.

The Swiss watchmaking is considered worldwide. There are some of the most exclusive brands of watches, whose price can reach many hundreds of thousands of euros. What you may not know is that the bracelets for these watches are produced in Portugal. Yes, in Castelo de Paiva, by Bradco, which employs 150 people.

Rosa Paiva, former director of Clarks, had to inform the 600 workers of the British multinational in Castelo de Paiva, that this multinacional was leaving Portugal. Thanks to Alain Dubois, the president of Brasport Swiss group, they decided to invest in Portugal. Rosa Paiva now leads the Bradco, fundamental company to the region’s economy, which works in the old building of Clark. With a turnover of 10 million euros, Bradco, was distinguished as a Leader in four consecutive years and Leader Excellence in 2013. It exports 100% of its production, two thirds are for Switzerland.