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Nestlé Portugal reduces its ecological footprint

nestleOver 7 million invested in infrastructures of Environmental Sustainability allowed Nestlé Portugal, SA, to obtain significant savings on several fronts over the last five years: waste sent to landfill (-66%), energy consumption (-7.2 % per ton of finished product), water consumption (-20.8% per ton of finished product) and a reduction of about 43.6% of the direct emissions of greenhouse gases.

Nestlé is in Portugal for 92 years and currently has three factories (Avanca, Porto and Lagoa – Azores), one distribution center and five sales offices. 1895 persons work at the Portuguese Company’s branch.

In 2015, the Company is planning to hold a further investment of EUR 1.5 million in environmental sustainability projects. For Nestlé to protect the environment is a priority and, in particular, the water, the use of which must be as rational as possible, either in the industrial as in the domestic use.