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AICEP focuses on 16 sectors to grow Portugal

Lisbon, 22/04/2013, AICEP focuses on 16 sectors to grow Portugal

aicep-logoMolds, engineering, pulp and paper, information technology and communication, shared services, automotive, textile, mining, pharmaceutical, biomanufacturing, tourism, sea, forest, healthcare and aerospace. These are the focus sectors of AICEP Portugal for growing in the coming years.
AICEP explains that the work was based on three criteria: close clusters and value chains where there are still gaps in industrial production in order to meet the needs of international players, define which imports can be replaced by domestic products and identify sectors with the know-how to do so, and enhance some sectors where Portugal has competitive advantages such as shared services, tourism, energy and mines.
Following this work, AICEP will now develop with the government the considered strategic sectors on a domestic level and identify abroad foreign companies that may be interested in investing in Portugal. The goal is to attract foreign investment.
Source: Journal de Negócio